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The author, Patrick Pappano, is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a former Registered Representative at two major stock brokerage firms. From being on both sides of the client/broker divide, Mr. Pappano became aware of the futility of trying to serve wary investors with commissioned brokers. It is a divide that cannot be readily bridged and the result is, clients unappreciative of the good advice they are receiving from some advisors and other clients characterizing the good advice they are receiving as a fraud.

Since reconciling investors with brokers is not going to work, and it would have dubious value for many if it could be done, the better idea is to empower investors to DIY (Do it yourself).

When pilgrims arrived in Plymouth in 1620 they were faced with the prospect of exposure and starvation. The course was clear: build shelters and hunt, fish and trap for food. They also received help from the Indians.

Today’s pilgrims have the same challenges but the new paradigm is not extracting sustenance from the land, but extracting sustenance from commerce that occupies the land. Also the Indians are gone replaced by stock brokers who are themselves trying to extract sustenance. It is a bleak prospect and for many, no prospect at all. OWNING MAIN STREET: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market is the manual that empowers even the most disinterested and intimidated to provide themselves and their children with sustenance. The stock market is not an optional way to preserve and grow wages, it is the only way.


My advice is to just go to ComputerShare and open up automatic investment (DRIP) accounts and buy 10 or 12 of the highest dividend-paying individual common stocks making up the Dow 30. As of this writing, this will cost you nothing or perhaps some small setup fees. Elect automatic dividend reinvestment. This is all you have to do.

If you are of a more intrepid and curious sort, you may buy my book at this site, at Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble, the price is the same, and investigate, slowly, the larger investment world and see what all the shouting is about. In the end, it will make no difference which of the two paths you choose, the results will be indistinguishable. The one difference will be that if you choose the latter, your head will become chock full of the most useless information.

I also offer, for fee, investment counseling for individuals and institutions which may include pension, endowment and 401(k) plan management and education. Click here to visit my RIA website –

Good Luck!