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    Patrick Pappano, author of Owning Main Street: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market, has an approach to individual investing that closely mirrors IFO’s thoughts, so she is happy to mention him here.
    She found it on FB at: FeatheredQuillBookReviews but you have to be on FB to access it. It has an HTTPS prefix, so we don’t think we can quote much from the review.
    But, luckily, the author has his own website: so you can go there for more details. From his About Us section,
    Since reconciling investors with brokers is not going to work, and it would have dubious value for many if it could be done, the better idea is to empower investors to DIY (Do it yourself).
    She also agrees with this statement on the same section: “The stock market is not an optional way to preserve and grow wages, it is the only way.”
    Right off the bat here we will say, Mr. Pappano knows WAY MORE than IFO does and appears to be much smarter. In fact, she may buy his book!
    Investment lesson: If you don’t agree with IFO, or her advice is not specific enough for you, buy the book!

    Jo McIntyre for


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